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Did You Know Hicks Offers a Grain Gate Design for Aggregate Hauling?

June 07, 2022

Hicks has a modular, easy to maintain grain gate design for versatile hauling options. Consider Hicks's patented, weld-free aluminum end dump trailer manufactured with Huck fasteners with customizable options for dump body, frameless, and frametype.


Hicks Dump Body and End Dump Trailer


Hicks gate and Additional Features.

  • UHMW Extra Wide Liner as provided Rochling ensures material dumps faster and easier. And, you don't have to raise your trailer as high.

  • Tire Inflation System as provided by P.S.I. to automatically maintain optimal air pressure and let you know when your tires need air. 

  • Automatic lift axle as provided by Ridewell monitors suspension, manages lift axle, and reduces operation errors and tire wear.

  • Commonly, airlocks unlock when you deplete your suspension airbags. Hicks's standard includes screw locks for additional tailgate support and operator safety.

  • Our customers say they love our thick handle, allowing for the best grasp and grip!

To gate or not to gate? Some considerations.

  • Do you haul multiple aggregates such as salt, coal, or grain? For versatile hauling, a gate might be a necessity.
  • Know potential interactions between various material. Hauling a certain variety of material can cause excessive wear on your trailer.

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