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What Are Best Practices for Extending the Life of Your Trailer Tires?

February 10, 2022

Maximize the life of your dump trailer tires!

Semi trailer tire picture         

The number of variables that affect trailer tire wear are numerous. The return on investment in knowing best practices and choosing the right tire and tread can be significant. 

At times, the industry debates the best tire application for the job. Leading tire manufacturers, dealers, and seasoned customers hold a wealth of information to help you maximize the life and investment in your trailer tires. 

Speak with your trusted tire dealer or manufacturer. Ask: What's the best tire with high scrub resistance for my short runs? What's the best tire for my longer, deadhead runs? Why invest in a tire inflation system for my trailer?

Industry experts say

Customers say

  • Don't focus as much on brand loyalty as tire quality. 

  • Tread pattern matters when considering factors such as quality, wear, and whether it will hold rocks.  Considering these factors and being informed will affect your overall cost per mile. 

  • Keep your tires clean.

Hicks says

  • Our standard, manual lift axle for your empty return to minimize tire wear.

  • Offer an optional tire inflation system to maintain optimal air pressure and let you know when your tires need air. 

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