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Efficient, Resilient, Sustainable Homes: Habitat for Humanity Goes Concrete.

September 02, 2023

Building a sustainable future, NRMCA's Build With Strength partners with Habitat for Humanity to build homes with ICFs. 

In an age where sustainable building practices are gaining momentum, Habitat for Humanity has emerged as a contributor in constructing homes that not only provide shelter but also pave the way to a greener future.

The rise of ICF construction.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have earned attention as part of a sustainable building technique that combines the structural integrity of concrete with the insulating properties of foam. This method involves stacking interlocking forms which are then filled with concrete to create walls that are exceptionally strong and well-insulated. ICF construction provides several benefits over traditional wood framing.

Habitat for Humanity's commitment to provide affordable housing aligns seamlessly with the benefits offered by ICF construction.

  • Quick, modular builds.

  • Energy Efficiency: ICF homes boast superior energy efficiency due to their high thermal mass and insulation properties. The concrete walls help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This translates to significant energy savings for homeowners.

  • Durability and Safety: Concrete ICF homes are exceptionally durable and can withstand severe weather conditions such as temperature and high winds. The strength of concrete also contributes to fire resistance and minimizes the risk of damage from pests and rot.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Using ICFs reduces carbon footprint. ICFs often contain recycled materials, and the energy efficiency of these homes leads to lower overall energy consumption, thereby contributing to a greener environment.

NRMCA's Build With Strength and Habitat for Humanity's goal is to build over 50 homes across 50 states in 5 years. 

Home photo

Want to get involved? Find your local Habitat for Humanity 

This coalition is highlighted in several distinct housing projects.

Joplin, Missouri

In a city prone to tornados, a local Marine Corps veteran and his family will be moving into a storm-resistant home. 

Magic Valley, Idaho

These ICF homes will showcase a remarkable decrease in energy bills for homeowners, making sustainable living more accessible to low-income families. 

Paradise, California

In a town in which wildfires destroyed many homes, families get a fresh beginning. These ICF homes "will resist fire through a structural concrete core which will not weaken, warp, twist or burn, regardless of the heat." 

Rutland, Vermont

Pushing to solve the housing crisis, this ICF built home will be more efficient for the family who owns it. 

Steelton, Pennsylvania

ICF builds bring a new, sustainable home construction project for families in PA.

ICF construction represents a significant leap forward for sustainable and efficient housing. By prioritizing energy efficiency, durability, and reduced environmental impact, these ICF homes have become examples of how innovative construction techniques can positively impact both homeowners and the planet. As we move toward a more sustainable future, building with ICFs sets a precedent for housing that is both ecologically responsible and economically viable.

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