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How Do You Safely Dump a Frameless Trailer?

April 07, 2022

A frameless trailer can hold the key to increasing your payload. To maximize this benefit, consider a number of factors that increase safety and success with dumping aggregates.


Driver practices.

  • Do a pretrip inspection. Check draft arms for weld cracks, proper lubrication, missing/damaged fasteners.

  • Check tire pressure. Tire pressure affects stability. Low tire pressure can cause a lean. Consider investing in a tire inflation system, buying you an extra measure of safety.

  • Ensure your truck and trailer are on even ground. 

  • Ensure your fill is even for center of gravity. Watch...

  • Consider a UHWM liner. UHWM liners such as Rochling ensure material dumps faster and easier. And, you don't have to raise your trailer as high.


Trailer design.

  • No doghouse effect results in no buildup/material stuck in corners as well as quick, easy discharge of material.

  • Companies like Hyva and Custom Hoist manufacture inverted cylinders that offer rigid support as well as oscillation, allowing for more play for the tractor to shift if on uneven ground. 

  • The inverted cylinder is shielded from inner rust. Seals are located at the bottom of the cylinder, at the kingpin plate. Telescopic parts move with ease as hydraulic oil allows for constant moisture.

ROI on frameless vs. frametype.
  • Hicks frameless trailers are 2,000 lbs lighter than competitors' frametype. Every extra pound of payload generates $5 a year in revenue. One frameless Hicks trailer can bring an additional $10,000 a year in revenue versus a frametype.

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