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Hicks Proudly Introduces Our Latest, Patented Design: The Weld-Free, Aluminum Hicks Dump Body

May 05, 2022

Hicks's new dump body design is built with the same innovation; a revolutionary, patented, modular, weld-free body that will increase your payload.


  • Degradation occurs in raw material during welding. Designed with 2 times the strength and 10 times the life, Hicks's weld-free aluminum dump body is constructed with aluminum extrusions that interlock with Huck fasteners. The aluminum retains its original strength.

  • Read Hicks's bolted versus welded blog post here.


  • Bolting aluminum extrusions with Huck fasteners (versus welding) means modularity. Hicks's trailers can be repaired to a like-new state.

  • Hicks's dump body has readily interchangeable and replaceable floor, sills, posts, sides, and light box components.

Hicks Dump Body with modular, weld-free design

Increase your payload.

  • This Hicks simple 16 dump body, pictured below, is maximizing bridge laws and is projected to haul an additional 2,000 lbs of material a year. Conservative data tells us you make about $6/year for every pound you haul. 2,000 lbs = $10,000/year or $1,250/month. And, your maintenance costs will drop with new equipment.

  • Haul more with less weight, and a trailer that pays for itself.
  • Size your equipment efficiently for your operation. Too often, aggregate haulers use equipment with far more capacity than they need. That adds to lost payload (remember $6.00/lb/year) and excessive initial cost. You need to allow for some “crowning”, so we estimate usable capacity of 72%.


  • Now, dump body lovers can have the same weld-free design with Huck fasteners that allows for maximum manueverability.

  • Customers customize length and width to fit their optimal operations.

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