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Bolted vs. Welded: Tired of Welding Cracks?

March 31, 2021

Have you ever wanted to see a bolted versus welded test? Watch our demonstration below to see how this revolutionary concept can boost your payload, profit, and reduce downtime. Designed with 2 times the strength, 10 times the life, Hicks's weld-free aluminum dump bodies and trailers are fully field tested with hundreds of units in operation.

Nearly 20 years ago, we began bolting the aluminum subframes of our trailers with great success. This is a natural extension of that.

For a certifiable weld, a tempered climate and other variables such as workmanship and cleanliness are necessary. Even in the best conditions, welding causes a degradation in the raw material. This degradation does not occur when you bolt instead of weld. When bolting aluminum extrusions with Huck fasteners, the aluminum retains its original strength.



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