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Want an Aluminum End Dump that Pays for Itself?

January 27, 2022

Adding Hicks to your fleet is an investment to consider.

With a patented, weld-free, lightweight design, your new trailer retains the original strength of alumimum that gets lost when you weld components. You will have minimal downtime and quick, modular repairs - sending you back to hauling with a trailer that is like-new!

An investment in a Hicks can pay for itself.

For example, your steel trailer weighs 12,500 lbs. It's in fair shape and would easily sell for $25,000. There’s a new trailer that only weighs 10,000 lbs, and costs $75,000. Monthly cost for upgrading would be about $830. But, now you can haul 2,500 lbs more material. Conservative data tells us you make about $6.00/year for every pound you haul. The 2,500 lbs will add about $15,000 in revenue, or, $1,250/month. It's a cash gain right out of the gate.

And, your maintenance costs will drop with new equipment.

A few words from our customers...

"Their customer service is second to none. With the additional payload revenue I was able to pay off my financing in half the time." Jeff Nichols - White Lightening - CO

"We were taking a hit on payload before we went with a Hicks. After running them we've become weight efficient and know we have a reliable trailer that performs well." Ross Sarine - Tech Inc. - TX

"My favorite thing about our Hicks is the carry weight and no doghouse. We've achieved more tonage, more bottom line with our Hicks and Hicks stands behind their product." Tony Jarrett - AJ Transport - TX

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