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Damaged Your Trailer? Patented, Weld-Free, Modular Design is Like-New in 48 Hours.

March 17, 2022

Avoid downtime, heavy degraded aluminum, and costly weld repairs.


Hicks's patented, weld-free, modular design results in a trailer that is repaired to a like-new state. Hicks trailer's entire body is constructed using Huck fasteners.

Hicks weld-free modular designed trailer

Less costly repairs.

Removing a Huck bolt and/or rivet is much quicker than grinding out a weld, and doesn’t require skilled labor. Parts fit like new instead of needing to force distorted parts together.  

Minimal downtime.

The man hours it takes to repair a damaged aluminum end dump trailer are typically long; sometimes weeks before your trailer is back on the road. Hicks trailers' modularity makes repairs quick and easy. Your trailer is back on the road in no time. Click here to watch a 30 second demonstration.

Guaranteed workmanship.

Welded repairs can vary in quality influenced by a number of factors. With Hicks's modular design, workmanship is assured with replacing damaged parts with brand new aluminum components in a matter of hours.

Aluminum components retain full temper strength.

Welding degrades aluminum components. The result can be a repair that is structurally unsound, not to mention ugly. Hicks's weld-free design allows aluminum components to retain their original strength. 

A damaged base rail can be replaced and you are back to hauling aggregates in just 48 hours.

Side Damage to Hicks trailer watch how fast repairs are

Like-new! Click here to watch.

Hicks trailer damaged base rail has been replaced and repaired to a like-new state

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