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Hicks Patented, Weld-Free Dump Trailer Design with HUCK Fasteners Redefines Strength.

July 21, 2022

Huck replaces welding, redefines strength   Bolting is superior to welding. Hicks's trailer design uses Huck fasteners.

"Faster. Safer. Simpler. More cost-effective. And proven with several decades of flawless performance in trucking, rail, automotive, agriculture and many other industries. Find out why so many forward-thinking design engineers have made the switch from welding to HuckBolts.

Germany's highest building authority, DIBT, confirms that Bobtail lockbolts are mechanically maintenance-free (no re-tightening required) and are easy, quick and quiet to install.Fatigue strength studies on the Bobtail lockbolts go back more than 10 years and continue to be carried out in the test laboratories of recognized Fraunhofer-Institute IGP, Rostock and University of Applied Sciences, Wismar, Germany."

Huck fasteners are safer, stronger, and less costlyHuck fasteners are safer, stronger, less costly

Hicks's revolutionary aluminum dump trailer with Huck fasteners pays for itself with less weight, less maintenance, and longer life.

Superior Strength: Aluminum extrusions maintain full strength that is lost in welding.

Flexibility/Durability: Bolted joints allow flexibility where welded joints crack and fail.

Modularity: Quick, easy, less costly maintenance and repairs to a like-new state.

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