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Tired of Welding Cracks in the Subframe of Your Aluminum Dump Trailer? Check out Hicks Patented, Weld-Free Subframe.

May 19, 2022

Your trailer’s subframe is a high-load, high-stress area. It is a common problem area for dump trailers. Ask yourself: How often am I welding cracks? How much downtime and cost on questionable maintenance am I spending? Consider Hicks's patented, weld-free subframe design.

Hicks weld-free subframe.

  • Tired of welding cracks? Glen Hicks recognized as far back as the 1950s that bolting would be far superior to welding. Hicks’s patented, weld-free trailer subframe design, using Huck fasteners, is an extension of that.

  • Hicks’s trailer subframe is built with weld-free, modular, trapezoidal members. These components are interchangeable and replaceable for quick, easy repairs to a like-new state.

  • Trapezoidal members provide optimal lateral and longitudinal strength. Hicks's subframe supports the body of the trailer in all directions; when you turn a corner, hit the brakes, or raise your trailer.

  • Extensive finite element analyses (FEAs) and road testing have proven Hicks’s subframe to be a durable component in this high-stress area.

Competitors' subframe.

  • Typical I or C shaped members of competitors' subframes are welded together. These subframe designs are frequently welded for repairs.

  • Regular maintenance/accident damage results in costly, lengthy, and questionable repairs or perhaps an entire replacement of the subframe.

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