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Why Choose a Weld-Free Floor & UHMW Liner for Your Aggregate Hauling?

February 24, 2022

Because a weld-free floor and UHMW liner enhance the safe operation of dumping and extend the life of your trailer. Here’s how.

Hicks uses Rochling UHMW liners.

  • Last longer.

  • Reduce wear. 

  • Added thickness at the rear.

Ultra high molecular weight liner for aluminum end dump hauling

Advantages of a weld-free, modular design using Huck fasteners.

Weld-free floor of a Hicks trailer versus a welded floor

Discharge design flaws.

Design Flaws in dump trailers with hoist housing and narrow bottleneck rear

Designed for optimal discharge, minimal wear, and reduced repairs.

  • The rear of Hicks's trailer is the same width as the front - straight and same width all the way through. Our liner reaches the furthest possible, providing optimum protection.

  • Not to mention, because of Hicks's modular design using Huck fasteners, our rear panel can be replaced in an hour.

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